BURIA, an old town about 4 km east of Jagadhri was the seat of a minor principality ruled by a scion of the Bhangi misl. Guru Tegh Bahadur is believed to have visited Buna during one of his preaching journeys. The old Manji Sahib built in his honour was replaced by the present Gurdwara constructed in 1920 by Mata Hukam Kaur Dhilvan Vali, a lady of the ruling house. The main building stands on a metrehigh octagonal platform. It has an inner sanctum, a domed room, with a circular base in which the Guru Granth Sahib is installed. The management of the Gurdwara is in the hands of the erstwhile chiefs of Buna.

Places Near Buria

Buria is also very religious place, as it is called as Buria Sahib becz of a famous Gurudwara related to Guru Teg Bahadur ji And a very old Shiv Temple is also located in Buria A famous town situated 8 km away from Jagadhari. It is said that Humayun (Moghul Emperor) came here for hunting in Shivalik forests made up a 'Rang-Mahal'. Many people guess the relation of 'Rang-Mahal' of Buria to Birbal, one of the Navrattana of Akbar. In nearby Dayalgarh, there is a very beautiful place of worship - the renovated old temple of Shree Paataaleshvar Mahadev with a beautiful garden and some ashrams of saints made during medieval times.